All entrees include a choice of garden salad or one of our soups (hot & sour or egg drop)

Asian Bread with Almond Butter Spread (2)     1.95

Pork Egg Roll     1.95

Crab Rangoon (2)     2.25

Stir-Fried Fresh Vegetables     7.95

Asparagus, mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash, red and green peppers

Chicken with Hot Garlic Sauce*     9.50

Stir-fried chicken breast, carrots, celery and water chestnuts in a spiced garlic sauce

Crispy Chicken Breast     9.50

Deep-fried chicken breast and broccoli served with honey chili and teriyaki sauce

Thai Green Curry Chicken*     9.75

Chicken breast with green and red peppers in a Thai green curry sauce

Chicken in Spiced Hoisin Sauce*     9.50

Chicken, sweet onions, and green onion in a spiced hoisin sauce

Teriyaki Chicken     9.50

Marinated chicken served with teriyaki sauce and steamed broccoli

Dual Mushroom Chicken     9.50

Stir-fried chicken breast with button and straw mushrooms

Orange Chicken*     9.50

Chicken breast and boy choy in an orange flavored glaze

Fried Rice                                                                                                                           

Chicken  7.95   Beef   9.25   Shrimp   10.75

Pad Thai

Chicken   8.75   Shrimp   10.95

Beef in Spiced Hoisin Sauce*   10.25

Beef, sweet onions, and green onion in a spiced hoisin sauce                           

Beef with Garden Vegetables*   10.25

Beef stir-fried with seasonal vegetables

Tempura Fish Fillet   8.95       

Crispy basa fillet served with tartar and sweet chili sauce

Garlic Basil Crusted Chicken with Seven pepper spiced Mango sauce   9.75

Broiled and marinated chicken breast with a Thai basil crust served with steamed broccoli

Shrimp in Black Bean Sauce*   12.95

Shrimp, onions, green and red peppers in a black bean sauce

Cashew-Crusted Salmon   12.95

Broiled cashew-crusted salmon served with vegetables, and rice in a teriyaki glaze 

Lemon Creamy Almond Shrimp   12.95

Crispy shrimp coated with lemon creamy sauce